100% Polyester Felt Comfortable Non-Bunching Rug Pad

100% Polyester Felt Comfortable Non-Bunching Rug Pad

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Anti skid carpet pad prevent shifting of the rug. It can also hold your area rug in place while vacuuming and moving furniture. This is especially important if you are placing the rug on a hard or slick surface like tile or hardwood.

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Prolonged friction can damage the backing of the carpet which can cause the pile to loosen. Acting as an extended buffer between your rug and the floor, a rug pad absorbs most of the shock from foot traffic, preventing the fibers of your rug from being crushed and adding to the rug's longevity.



We can not only do the colors shown in the figure, but also have color palettes for you to choose from to meet your color needs.


Poor quality rugs and rug pads can scratch your floors and damage the finish. They could also transfer the color to the flooring, leading to discoloration or staining. Our high quality rug pads can protect your flooring and prevent grime and dirt from accumulating under the rug.


1.Non-toxic and odorless;
soft and durable, not easy to scratch the surface of items;
can be folded and stored to save space;
safe for the elderly, children and pets.
2.Washable and colour-fast
It is also very convenient to hand wash with cold water directly when it is dirty.
After washing, you can spread it out and hang it to dry.
It looks like clean and new without fading.

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