New design Small Dog Tunnel Bed Felt Cat Cave Pet Nest

New design Small Dog Tunnel Bed Felt Cat Cave Pet Nest

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Small and enclosed space meets privacy, hideaway and make your kittens feel warm and cozy. Classic tent-shaped cat house, very cute and timeless.

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The bedside caddy organizer for your bedroom, kid’s rooms, college dorm, can create extra storage and tidy space, perfect for storing books, pens, remotes, cellphones, tablets, headphones, glasses, USB cables and so on.



We can not only do the colors shown in the figure, but also have color palettes for you to choose from to meet your color needs.


Mainly made in felt fabric, super soft yet durable, creates a resting place that keeps your cat warm and comfortable.



1.Non-toxic and odorless;

soft and durable, not easy to scratch the surface of items;

can be folded and stored to save space;

safe for the elderly, children and pets.

2.Washable and colour-fast

It is also very convenient to hand wash with cold water directly when it is dirty.

After washing, you can spread it out and hang it to dry.

It looks like clean and new without fading.

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